20 Sad Movies On Disney+

Ora Sawyers

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Wanna wallow in something sad, but also heartwarming? Turns out, there are a lot of sad movies on Disney+ that will help you let it out and gain some perspective on what’s bothering you IRL. Sad movies can be comfort movies if they believe in themselves. But with these Disney+ movies it’s, like, in a gentle way instead of a super-serious depressing Oscar-bait kind of way.

Disney+ has some hidden gem drama films that will make you shed a tear, sure, but also a lot of nostalgia. What’s more likely to trigger our heartstrings than that?

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This Disney+ documentary about Howard Ashman, the lyricist behind Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and some of Aladdin, is one of the saddest films on the whole streaming service. Ashman died from complications due to HIV/AIDS when he was only 40 years old, but his legacy still lives on thanks to his films.

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Saving Mr. Banks

Tucked behind a charming drama about the making of Mary Poppins is the devasting tale of a young P.L. Travers and her relationship with her doomed father, played by Colin Farrell.

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West Side Story (2021)

Sure, the songs are catchy, but… you remember how it ends, right?

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The silver lining is that if you can make it past the devastating opening sequence, the rest of the movie’s not that sad. But who in their right mind can make it past that??

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Toy Story 3

Millennials everywhere still shed a tear as they watched Andy grow up. Toy Story 3 forced us to realize that we too may have outgrown our toys. And Disney took things to the next level when they previously announced that it would be the last film in the series…until they took it back and released Toy Story 4.

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Rogue One

Spoiler alert, but if you’re paying attention to the Star Wars timeline you know that the Rogue One mission is not going to end well. It’s one of the best Star Wars movies, in my opinion anyway, because it really goes there and isn’t afraid to tell a tragic story.

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One of the first Disney movies to make us cry. Do you remember ANYTHING else that happens besides his mom dying? It’s too much!

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The Fault In Our Stars

No, I am not “OK,” why do you ask?? (P.S. Did anyone know this was on Disney+?!)

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Old Yeller

Movies like this are why we need whole websites devoted to whether or not the dog dies in a movie.

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Red Tails

George Lucas’ war movie is, at the end of the day, a war film so it’s obviously not without its sad moments.

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Remember the Titans

This inspirational story about kids in a small town learning how to work as a team and be anti-racist has a bummer ending. There are so many fun moments, and the cast is stacked with future stars, but at what cost?!

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Tuck Everlasting

*ring ring* Your childhood trauma just called. What’s sadder than a doomed romance? Absolutely nothing. My HEART!!!!

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I was… a mess… when I saw this in theaters. And when I saw it again at home. And when I rewatched it another time after that. You get the point.

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Again, don’t let the music make you forget that this is a tragedy. A lot of people die! You’re jamming one second and sobbing the next especially thanks to Philippa Soo’s performance in that scene! You know the one…

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Three Days

This may be one of the most obscure movies on Disney+. What is it even doing here? Was someone in the office, like, a fan? Did they sneak in late at night and update it? Anyway, it looks super dramatic and super sad.

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The Straight Story

If you’re the type of person that is easily moved by stories about old people, then David Lynch’s drama is the tear-jerker for you.

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Not only does Tim Burton’s live-action remake made you sad for Baby Dumbo, it has Colin Farrell as ANOTHER Sad Dad.

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Inside Out

It is, quite literally, a movie about how it’s ok to be sad.

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Christopher Robin

This isn’t necessarily a sad story but it does have really good sad vibes. What are characters like Pooh and Eeyore if not eternally depressed?

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The Little Match Girl

This is a short film… how sad could it be? REAL SAD! Why they made a short based on the most depressing fairy tale of all time is beyond me. They’re wild for this. Actually, maybe don’t watch this one with kids. It’s too upsetting.

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