‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Cheryl Hines on conflicts with husband Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: ‘Agree to disagree’

Ora Sawyers

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“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Cheryl Hines reflected on how she and husband Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. resolve their political differences amid his presidential run. 

The 70-year-old environmental lawyer announced his candidacy for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination in April but announced in October he was dropping the bid and running as an independent candidate.

Over the past few months, the 58-year-old actress and Hines+Young co-founder, who married Kennedy in 2014, has occasionally joined him on the campaign trail. During an interview with Fox News Digital, Hines discussed her husband’s run for the White House and how they approach instances when they don’t see eye to eye on political issues. 

“One of the things that I’ve learned, especially about politics, is you’re not going to agree with somebody about everything, and it’s OK,” the two-time Emmy nominee said.


“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Cheryl Hines shared how she resolves political differences with her husband, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Hannah Beier/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“We’ve learned to talk through it. Talk it out. Listen to each other. Sometimes, agree to disagree or say, ‘Oh, I’m going to think about that and I hear what you’re saying,’ or ‘I don’t like the way you’re saying it. I wish you’d say it in a different way.’

“So, I think it’s all about communication and just, you know, keeping your mind open and your heart open.”

Hines has rarely spoken out publicly against Kennedy’s politics, though she distanced herself from controversial remarks he made last year prior to launching his campaign.

cheryl hines and rfk jr smile

Kennedy is running as an independent candidate. ( Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

In January 2023, Kennedy, a longtime anti-vaccine activist, sparked backlash when he gave a speech in which he drew comparisons between Nazi Germany and the U.S. government’s push for Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Kennedy later apologized for his remarks. At the time, Hines addressed her husband’s comments in a post she shared on X, formerly Twitter.

WATCH: ‘Curb Your Enthusiam’ star Cheryl Hines on conflicts with husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ‘Agree to disagree’

“My husband’s opinions are not a reflection of my own,” Hines wrote. “While we love each other, we differ on many current issues.”

The following day, Hines wrote, “My husband’s reference to Anne Frank at a mandate rally in D.C. was reprehensible and insensitive. The atrocities that millions endured during the Holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. His opinions are not a reflection of my own.”

In the wake of the backlash, Kennedy told The New York Times he suggested announcing a fake separation. He told the outlet “it was a difficult time” for them, and he was worried his statements were negatively affecting Hines personally and professionally. 

Kennedy revealed he even drafted a news release announcing the split. However, the release was never sent, and in a separate interview with The New York Times, Hines told the outlet that she never considered Kennedy’s proposal to be an option.

cheryl hines speaking at rfk event

Hines has joined Kennedy on the campaign trail. (Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

During her interview with Fox News Digital, Hines shared her thoughts on how Kennedy’s run had impacted their life.

“Well, we’re definitely on a journey, right?,” she said. “There’s a lot going on. There’s a lot coming at you at all times.”

“And at the same time, there’s a beautiful part of it where people are coming together and are inspired to want to make a change and to want something better for each other,” Hines added. “At least in Bobby’s campaign. So, so that to me is surprising.

“I don’t know why I’m surprised by it, but just to be in it and feel it is really. It’s something I never thought I’d experience.”

The “I Can See Your Voice” judge told Fox News Digital that she has found certain aspects of Kennedy’s campaign to be “challenging.”

“A lot of it is challenging just because I’ve never been a political figure or I thought that I would never have anything to do with politics,” Hines said. “It’s a different world. So, I’m getting used to that and getting used to new cycles. That’s challenging because I’ve learned that there’s a rhythm to it that I don’t feel in other aspects of my life. So, that’s challenging, but, you know, workable.”

Hines also opened up about ways in which she has supported Kennedy throughout his campaign.

“I love him,” she said. “And I hope I’m a good friend to him. So, the downtime and the time away from the campaign, I think, is really important to just stay grounded and to keep connecting with each other.

“So, I like to think I’m doing that. Being there for him, and I hope he feels loved and supported by me. And, at the same time. I will go out and meet him on the trail sometimes and introduce him or be a part of the night or the fundraiser or whatever happens to be going on.”

cheryl hines hugging rfk on stage

Hines said she hopes Kennedy feels loved and supported by her. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is airing its 12th and final season. The hit sitcom will conclude with season 12’s 10th episode, which will be released April 7. Hines has played series creator and star Larry David’s wife Cheryl David since the series premiered in 2000.

While speaking with Fox News Digital, Hines reflected on saying goodbye to the show and the cast after 24 years.


“It was a really easy fun time,” she said of filming the series. “We just felt like we didn’t have a care in the world. We were doing ‘Curb’ because it’s all improvised.

WATCH: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Cheryl Hines shares how she supports husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during his campaign

“So, it wasn’t like normal projects and shows and films where you’re up all night going over your lines, going over the script, making sure you have everything in your mind. It was just showing up on set, ready to listen and always laughing because you don’t know what anybody’s going to say.

“And they say crazy things,” Hines added with a laugh. “I’m going to miss that. I’m really going to miss that. I’m hoping I won’t miss the cast too much because I see them in my real life. So that’s what I’m hoping.”

The cast of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is airing its 12th and final season. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Hines also paid tribute to her late “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-star Richard Lewis, who died at the age of 76 last month. 

“He was extraordinary in every way,” she told Fox News Digital. “He was who he presented himself to be. You know, he was neurotic.

“He was funny and genuine,” Hines added. “At the same time, he was very sweet. You know, he really appreciated the people around him and would tell you. Not everybody does that. Sometimes you know that you’re really loved by somebody, but they don’t articulate it.

“That was one of his gifts that he gave me.”

Richard Lewis with Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman and Jeff Garlin in 2005

Hines paid tribute to her late co-star, Richard Lewis, who died last month. (Lee Celano/WireImage)

After “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Hines told Fox News Digital, she is looking forward to the next step in her acting career and focusing on expanding her family business, Hines+Young, the eco-friendly self-care company she launched with her daughter Catherine Young, 19, last year.

During her interview with Fox News Digital, Hines recalled how she was inspired to launch a company with Catherine.


“When she was getting ready to graduate from high school and fly off into the world, I was starting to really miss her, and I asked her if she wanted to start a company together,” Hines recalled. “So it could keep us connected. And I felt like it would empower her, and she could be CEO of her own company. And we could create something together.

“So it’s been exciting. We started this self-care company with these beautiful body creams, and everything comes in aluminum and glass and bamboo and ceramic. So, we don’t have any single use plastic packaging or anything like that. And it’s all inspired by the beach. So, we have candles and really fresh, beautiful skin cream.

“Inspiring you to relax and take a breath,” Hines added. “And I know it’s ironic that Hines+Young launched at the same time that my husband announced he’s running for president. So, we’ll hit the trail in the day and then come home and light a Hines+Young candle at night and try to shift gears.”


The Florida native told Fox News Digital she and Catherine enjoyed building the company together.

“We had so much fun,” she said. “We have four different fragrances. It’s considered a fragrance line. And just to be able to create something together and to say, ‘Do you like the way this makes you feel? How this smells? Does this remind you of the beach? Does this remind you of Hyannis Port or Key West?’”


“It’s just been so fun,” Hines added. “And to be able to create the packaging that we like. So, it’s a little bit of living out your own fantasy, like, ‘Oh, if I could surround myself with the perfect packaging on my nightstand, this is what it would look like.’ And then to be able to create it.

“We’ve had a lot of fun together doing it.”

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