Dance Gavin Dance Singer Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

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UPDATE (June 3, 2022): A second response from Dance Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson, whereby he issued an apology to the Reddit person who very first levied accusations from him, has been shared at the base of the page. A Dropbox folder initially inaccessible when this tale was first claimed now displays publicly available screenshots between him and the accuser.

Subsequently, Dance Gavin Dance released a collective statement revealing Pearson will be “stepping absent from the band in order to search for skilled aid.” See that statement down underneath the unique tale.

Dance Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson has launched a statement in response to several allegations of sexual assault levied from him on Reddit and Twitter.

Content material WARNING: The adhering to incorporates descriptions of alleged gatherings that some may possibly obtain triggering or offensive.

On June 1, a Reddit user posted a 6,000-term-in addition recollection of her modern interactions with Pearson close to the time Dance Gavin Dance performed at their possess SwanFest party on April 23 in Sacramento, California. In these recollections, the lady claims she initial bought in contact with Pearson by means of what she explained as “an particularly thirsty information” she despatched to the singer on Instagram when “surely beneath the influence of one thing.” The information is said to have been despatched “long back” and that Pearson’s eventual response was “a tiny odd.”

The two are mentioned to have exchanged mobile phone numbers with an settlement to meet up the Thursday in advance of SwanFest (which was on Saturday) with the comprehension that their outing was considered a “date.”

She admits that each her and Pearson became intoxicated beneath the influence of liquor, which was when the two headed to the singer’s put of residence. Pearson, she states, was vacillating between states of sorrow (Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick died unexpectedly on April 13) and outrage when he perceived that she could potentially leave him for the night time.

“I knew he was pretty drunk and likely through an exceptionally stress filled time, so I served him as a result of it, and I was genuinely content to do so. I was cozy plenty of now to end what I commenced, but at a single issue this guy had determined to straight up slap me throughout the face. Certainly, it was in an attempt to be ~attractive~ but it ended up Seriously hurting. I voiced this like, “Hey, uh. Which is cool and all but could you request next time, and maybe not do it as tricky?” He heard me, hesitated for a second, and then did it again. I signify. Tricky plenty of to toss my listening to out of whack and have me black out for a several seconds – it was not great,” she recollects.

Right after the summary of SwanFest on April 23, the two are stated to have remained in interaction with just one an additional and that Pearson, allegedly intoxicated, urged her to fulfill up with him at an AirBNB. Whilst attempting to set particular boundaries, the lady alleges Pearson took offense to these defined parameters during what (primarily based on inferences in the article) show up to be sexual functions.

“He wouldn’t say anything at all, just grab me and set me back again on. It physically damage. It wasn’t okay, and I voiced that it wasn’t, but he hardly ever cared to pay attention. Immediately after all that, I didn’t reeeeally [sic] want to continue to be the night time with him, but he insisted. He will get into this bizarre ‘snuggling’ posture and I … legitimately could not shift. I was beginning to get a small freaked out and tried out to convey to him I should leave, but all over again. He wouldn’t allow me. He held insisting I had to stay the evening with him, and he wouldn’t enable me go,” the submit proceeds.

In successive days, a related cycle is explained to have ongoing, with Pearson disregarding personalized boundaries and other directives set up by the woman in the submit.

“I tried SO Hard to make excuses for him, to the place of blaming myself for a great deal of it. & I know every person looking through this is almost certainly like ‘why would you do that’ — I believe we’re all guilty of functioning back again to folks that are undesirable for us. It’s really hard to shake, especially when you care so a lot about them,” she later suggests immediately after recollecting other instances regarding Pearson and perceived emotional trauma he experienced expressed.

Examine the full Reddit submit here.

In his Reddit response (read through the full assertion underneath), Pearson denies any wrongdoing. He admits that all through that time of the alleged face he was “extremely vulnerable” but that “each sexual act was purely consensual.”

Next Pearson’s Reddit write-up, another collection of allegations emerged on Twitter on June 1 (all posts can be noticed towards the base of this webpage). Alongside promises that echo the notion produced on Reddit that Pearson discounted consent for specific sexual interactions, are screenshots of immediate message conversations (from mid to late May) amongst the accuser and the Dance Gavin Dance singer.

She alleges she struggled to resist Pearson’s sexual advances following remaining mocked for her rule of not owning sexual intercourse on a 1st date and instead than proceed to struggle it and “have a high likelihood of finding raped” she elected to “act like it is my very own choice to obtain autonomy more than the predicament.”

“Was it pleasant? Definitely not. I numbed out. I was so scared what would’ve transpired if I fought back extra,” the allegation proceeds.

The screenshots of the immediate information conversations (on the relationship app Hinge) present that immediately after the pressured/coerced sexual come upon, she messaged Pearson and confronted the situation even though expressing discontent with his steps. These messages allegedly ended up not returned by Pearson.

If you or somebody you know has been sexually assaulted, resources are available for enable. Visit the RAINN internet site (Rape, Abuse, and Incest Nationwide Network) or dial 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).

Assertion From Tilian Pearson — June 1, 2022

This morning I was built knowledgeable of allegations from someone relating to a short romance surrounding the weekend of Swanfest. Admittedly, this was a time when I was pretty susceptible, but I can assure you that each sexual act was purely consensual. Due to the fact then, she has achieved out to me several moments wanting to see me once more. We achieved again later on in Cleveland on tour, and I made a decision to conclusion things the subsequent day. It was an amicable split, so this tale coming out is particularly astonishing.

I have textual content threads saved that paint a photograph of the character of our temporary marriage, but I would prefer not to have to air that out.

It pains me a little bit mainly because I thought there was a standard lightheartedness and sweetness that wasn’t stated in her edition.

I get the issue of sexual assault very seriously, and I want to firmly reiterate that there was no second of anything at all taking place that was not consensual. I recognize that in a new sexual partnership, there is a interval of figuring every single other’s choices out, but there is not a question our physical get hold of ever crossed boundaries into nearly anything resembling assault.

My basic state of brain surrounding the weekend was filled with grief, and I was leaning on alcoholic beverages as a crutch to get me by means of it. After Swanfest, I did the tour sober to adequately grieve and received a great deal of guidance from the band and pals.

Although her story saddens me to browse, I will not convey any unwell will towards her.

I hope this clears things up, and thank you for listening.


-EDIT- Here are screenshots of our entire textual content dialogue, minus photos she sent to me.

[Editor’s note: the link to the DropBox folder was empty as of 8:30AM ET on June 2, 2022. It is now publicly available.]

Tilian Pearson Challenges Apology to Reddit Person SpookyPooky8

I want to start off by indicating I’m actually sorry for what you have long gone through. When I to begin with browse the comprehensive account of the evening from your standpoint, I was stunned. To me, it was a consensual practical experience, both periods when we were being personal. But I will not deny you of your real truth and acknowledge that it has induced you a lot of emotional strain. I sincerely apologize for that.

From my standpoint, we communicated brazenly about how we wanted the night time to go and talked in detail about our intentions and needs as they created. I wasn’t fully knowledgeable of your psychological link to the band and how that may possibly have impacted the dynamic. I was, therefore, extremely bewildered when I received your text the following night, and right after speaking with a friend, I imagined it would be ideal not to respond as not to irritate the condition. I notice that this may well have harm you even even further, and I apologize. I am significantly more sensitive to how it ought to have designed you really feel neglected when you desired clarification and closure.

I comprehend my duty about consent as a gentleman and am sorry that induced you to experience everything but highly regarded and your boundaries honored. I recognize the power it likely took you to arrive ahead with this account. I maintain myself entirely accountable for leading to you this psychological suffering. I will be getting into an intensive remedy software to address this concern head on to become the healthiest, most liable version of me, executing the work needed to be certain this hardly ever happens yet again.

Thank you for having the time to read this.



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