Digital Glue & Breakthrough Images create to start with pro B4 to RF mount for the Crimson V-RAPTOR & KOMODO

Ora Sawyers

Incorporating a B4 lens to a fashionable cinema digital camera is not a simple job. B4 lenses are made for scaled-down 2/3 chip sensors, and to get the most protection, some variety of lens is commonly needed guiding or inside the mount. This remedy is not made for all cameras. It is precisely for the Red V-RAPTOR and KOMODO.

Digital Glue has worked with Breakthrough Photography to create a B4 to RF mount. They condition that this is the very first experienced B4 to RF mount for the Crimson V-RAPTOR and KOMODO. This is a basic mechanical mount that permits entrepreneurs of B4 2/3″ lenses to use them with the KOMODO at High definition 120fps or UHD 60fps with the built-in doubler engaged. If you have a V-RAPTOR you can use a B4 lens to document High definition and up to 240fps and UHD up to 120fps with the doubler engaged. As the Pink cameras can do a center crop on the sensor, they will get the job done with a massive vary of B4 lenses. Centre crop method proficiently lets the digicam to use these lenses that are developed for a lot scaled-down sensors. There are no optics within the B4 to RF mount.

Adapters like these are pretty specialized niche solutions and there are not going to be a ton of folks putting a 2/3″ B4 lens on a Pink. Of course, you could use a B4 lens in a live ecosystem or broadcast scenario, but that is also real of any lens. What you also have to don’t forget is that this is a mechanical adapter so it is not going to ability a B4 lens and give you servo zoom capabilities. You would have to have to use an further answer to be capable to electricity the lens. Sure, you could just use the manual zoom ring, but then that sort of defeats the goal of wanting to use a servo zoom lens in the very first location.

Breakthrough Photography BF to RF adapter 3

It is essential to fully grasp that a modern-day 2/3″ B4 lens will perform the very best. More mature B4 lenses that are not intended for a solitary sensor will not give you the high quality you will want. You will normally also locate that when using more mature 2/3″ lenses that ended up designed for use on CCD sensors that you will get fairly undesirable chromatic aberration on a present day-working day sensor.

The Digital Glue & Breakthrough Photography B4 to RF mount will be displayed at the Digital Glue at NAB booth C4442 with a fully kitted RAPTOR.