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Viking Wolf, billed as Norway’s to start with werewolf motion picture, provides as promised. This recent Netflix acquisition does not mislead its audience there is undoubtedly a wild lycan on the loose in a smaller Norwegian town. Even so, Stig Svendsen’s movie doesn’t have the usual origin located in these sorts of stories the werewolf fantasy listed here has been tailored to superior healthy its Scandinavian atmosphere. The finish outcome is a unique, if not flawed new addition to the pack.

In spite of its cheesy title, Viking Wolf (at first Vikingulven) is a really serious film. It requires the logos of modern day Scandi-noir media and applies it to this creature-function. In the tale, a teenage town transplant named Thale Berg (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osbourne) moves to a put referred to as Nybø following her father passed absent. His demise has influenced the major character’s romantic relationship with her mom (Liv Mjönes), and that rigidity performs a major position in Thale’s fate. It is throughout a social gathering that Thale initially encounters the titular beast what seems to be a big wolf drags a random partygoer to her bloody dying, but not ahead of nipping Thale in the course of action.

Viking Wolf appears like your conventional Scandinavian police-procedural thriller. There are plentiful broad pictures of rural vistas that are in fact tranquil and beautiful to appear at, but they are also unremarkable. In addition, Thale’s mother is the frazzled cop in demand of getting what ever killed both of those that unfortunate get together visitor and attacked her own daughter. The stress of this scenario is then piled on leading of the pressure brought on by her household lifetime. Thale resents her mother since getting rid of her father, as a result why the teenager does not access out when her affliction commences to worsen.


Co-writers Svendsen and Espen Aukan (Troll) invent a exclusive mythos for their werewolf, but apart from people facts, this motion picture doesn’t have much in the way of originality. Thale starting to be cursed in the midst of adolescence is a thing we have observed prior to — and will, devoid of a doubt, see all over again — and her eventual attack on the town evokes reminiscences of a subgenre benchmark, An American Werewolf in London. In this movie, what you assume will transpire practically constantly does, and it’s finished with considerably less usefulness.

The werewolf alone will disappoint fans of humanoid models. The fact that the creature appears to be like like a prevalent wolf, only more substantial and considerably less kempt, almost certainly has extra to do with the movie’s practical presentation. The story doesn’t stay clear of fantasy or pretend this werewolf exists in character, but the story has an or else no-nonsense execution. Thale’s mother usually takes a browsing werewolf hunter’s tips and facts to coronary heart, but the ensuing chase and confrontations with her reworked daughter are unimaginative. In addition, the CGI applied for the werewolves does more harm than great. As the monster closes in on its victims, the unconvincing visuals lead to you to experience disconnected from the action on monitor.

Experienced it not been for its environment and regional lore, Viking Wolf would be forgotten. The blood and action are each individual meager in a movie of this breed, and the pacing is frequently sluggish. The mother-daughter story does not arrive at its entire potential either, and the result is as sterile as the movie’s aesthetic.

Viking Wolf is now streaming on Netflix.

viking wolf

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