How is Hestu’s Dance Even Greater In ‘Tears of the Kingdom’?!

Ora Sawyers
Hetsu recruits Koroks for his dances in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Now that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is no for a longer time a brand-spanking-new release, quite a few players are partaking in a basic transfer when game titles reduce a little bit of their new glow: they’re skipping cutscenes. I confess that the Mild of Blessing cutscene that plays when you comprehensive a shrine, even though unbelievable, is often a skipper for me. I just wanna get back again out there, right after all. I really do not skip the Skyview Tower launching animation, and really don’t really concur with skipping it (so epic!!), though I do comprehend the selection.

But there’s a single cutscene I will hardly ever, ever skip in TotK a cutscene which has yet to experience even a minor old right after a few weeks of obsessive play. That cutscene is Hetsu’s dance.

I appreciate Koroks pretty considerably. But in Tears of the Kingdom, the common torture of Koroks has develop into anything of a meme. Which would make me incredibly unhappy. So I am usually right here to spread Korok pleasure. They’re just lovable small guys! They are battling in the easy act of owning enjoyable, just like the relaxation of us. What is far more, they kindly reward you with their poop. And when you give that poop to the most significant Korok, he places it in his maracas, and magic happens. The magic of new music and dance, goddammit.

(If you are however hung up on the poop issue, I react by stating this is genuinely the absurd appeal that can make Zelda so specific.)

But what will make Hestu’s dance in Tears of the Kingdom really extraordinary is that it is somehow even greater than its Breath of the Wild counterpart. The very first time I witnessed Hestu’s dances in Breath of the Wild, it was wildly sudden. The fact that this giant tree creature was instantly turning close to and shaking his maracas in a minimal samba, and that individuals maracas exploded in confetti in the conclude, was probably the most pleasant and absurd detail I’d ever found in a Zelda video game.

But of study course, Tears of the Kingdom‘s total MO is to choose the factors in Breath of the Wild that we all considered have been perfect and say, “Let’s best that.” So now, 3 Koroks be a part of Hestu in his dance. They pop up out of nowhere, considerably as they do in the wild. And they sing alongside—in the weirdest attainable minor voices, heading, “Hey! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!” What I would have supplied to be at that recording session.

At the conclude, they all gesture grandly toward Hestu and his masterful maracas. Cue confetti explosion. Genuinely, a masterpiece.

This is why I like Tears of the Kingdom and the Zelda franchise as a whole. There are so numerous unanticipated times of absurdity that definitely glow. So I salute you, Hestu, now and constantly.

(featured picture: Nintendo)

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