How To Keep Your Music Studio Clean: Tips And Tools For A Spotless Creative Space

Ora Sawyers

Gear acquisition is a real thing, and the more gear you collect in your music studio the harder and harder it can be to keep clean. But having a clean studio is one of the most important things an audio engineer or producer can have, as it helps keep your gear operating and helps boost creativity. 

But seeing as most producers would rather just straight into their DAWs and spend as little time and attention into keeping their space clean and tidy, we felt that it was high time we broke down the topic a bit deeper and make an argument why producers should keep their studios clean and the benefits of having a tidy workspace (regardless of the studio’s size). 

So let’s dive in. 

Benefits Of Having A Clean Studio 

Having a clean studio is of vital importance, as having a clean space directly affects the two most important things in the music creation process: you and your gear. So let’s dive in a bit deeper. 

For Your Health

While the idea of being a frantic creative that is surrounded by tons of gear and clutter about their desk, having such a messy and untidy space can actually affect your creative output in a negative way. It can cause unwanted distractions, break your focus, and impede your ability to access your hardware in the fastest and most frictionless way possible. 

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