It’s time to cast your vote for People’s Choice Wildlife Photographer of 2023 – National

Ora Sawyers

Twenty-five awe-inspiring photos make up the shortlist for this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award — and now it’s time to vote for your favourite.

The Natural History Museum in London, England, shared its list of images last week, narrowed down from almost 50,000 entries sent in from 95 countries.

“Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award always offers an astounding selection of images, and this year is no different,” said Douglas Gurr, director of the Natural History Museum, in a statement. “We invite the public to join the jury and vote for their favourite; whether breathtaking beauty or a powerful story, it’s sure to be a difficult decision!”

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This year’s shortlist includes a wide variety of images that are sure to delight, capture the imagination and, in some cases, make us consider the impact humans have on the natural world.

Among the most striking images is a photo of a clothing rack hanging with clothing fashioned out of the furs of the world’s most endangered big cats.

Confiscated coats in Hamburg made from the skins of some of the most endangered big cats.

Britta Jaschinski / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A polar bear sleeping on an iceberg, a pair of hares that look as though they’re about to smooch, a rescued chimpanzee gazing out through the bars of a cage and a bull elephant kicking up garbage in a landfill, are just a few of the captivating animals caught on film.

The public is now able to vote online for their favourite image through Jan. 31.

The winner and the top four images will then be announced on Feb. 7. They will be displayed online, as well as in the in-person exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

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Last year’s winner was Sascha Fonesca, for his image of an elusive snow leopard on a snowy mountaintop in the Indian Himalayas.

‘World of the Snow Leopard’ won the 2022 Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award.

Sascha Fonseca / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Fonesca said it took his bait-free camera trap three years to capture the shot.

His photo won the 2022 competition with a whopping 60,466 votes.

Check out some of the finalists for this year’s award below, and head over to Wildlife Photographer of the Year to see the full list and vote for your favourite.

‘The Grassland Geladas’

Taken during the August rainy season, with looming clouds threatening a downpour, a gelada suckles its baby alongside a companion at the edge of a plateau in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

Marco Gaiotti / Wildlife Photographer of the Year


An Adelie penguin approaches an emperor penguin and its chick during feeding time in Antarctica’s Atka Bay.

Stefan Christmann / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Swallow Over Meadow’

A barn swallow flies over a meadow of cornflowers in eastern Germany.

Hermann Hirsch / Jan Lessman / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Starling Murmuration’

A murmuration of starlings makes shapes in the sky above Rome, Italy.

Daniel Dencescu / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Bull In A Garbage Dump’

A bull elephant surrounded by stray dogs stomps through rubbish as it scavenges at a dump in Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka.

Brent Stirton / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Neighbourhood Dispute’

A mudskipper fiercely defends its territory from a trespassing crab in Roebuck Bay, Australia.

Ofer Levy / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Opportunity Fox’

A young red fox scavenges in a bin in London.

Matt Maran / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Tough Negotiation’

A red fox cub eyes a shrew in the Judean foothills, Israel.

Ayala Fishaimer / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Aurora Jellie’

Moon jellyfish swarm in the waters of a fjord outside Tromso in northern Norway illuminated by the aurora borealis.

Audun Rikardsen / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

‘Shared Parenting’

A lion cub gets lots of attention in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Mark Boyd / Wildlife Photographer of the Year


A snowshoe hare pauses in the Rocky Mountain National Park, U.S.

Deena Sveinsson / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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