Junkyard Joe Reflects Modern American Realities

Ora Sawyers

Geoff Johns has always used the comic medium to explore various social subjects and topics in bold and innovative ways. For example, he recently introduced the character Junkyard Joe into his series Geiger and The Unnamed Universe. This character is a fascinating one that provides him with a platform on which he can explore many unique topics and America’s place in the world.

What the Heck is a Junkyard Joe?

Junkyard Joe is a robotic character created by Johns to expand his rapidly growing Unnamed Universe. This universe centers around a catastrophic event known as The Unnamed War. This war devastated the planet and left behind a smoking hulk that forced survivors underground to avoid radiation.

However, there are a few beings left on the topside that have been eking out an existence. One of these is Junkyard Joe, a robotic soldier that first came online in the Vietnam War. Joe was an instant cultural sensation and a favorite of America but quickly became irrelevant as the Cold War passed.

Joe survived The Unnamed War and explores the irradiated Earth in search of survivors. Joe was programmed to protect innocent people and the American Way of Life. The destruction of the planet doesn’t change his core being, and he continually provides a strong moral core for the story.

Johns introducing Junkyard Joe is an intelligent move on his part and helps expand the possibilities of The Unnamed Universe in many ways. How? Exploring this concept may give comic fans more insight into this universe and drum up some excitement for what promises to be an unforgettable series.

How Johns Uses Joe

Johns intelligently contrasts Junkyard Joe to the main hero of The Unnamed Universe, Geiger. Geiger is the result of an experimental accident that leaves him immune to radiation. As a result, he takes to the surface of the planet for the first time in a quest for meaning in a meaningless and challenging life.

For example, Geiger is a fairly cynical character who has struggled to adapt to a new world and his new abilities. Junkyard Joe is programmed to be optimistic and patriotic, meaning he is continually seeking out positivity and trying to improve the American Way of Life in his powerful way.

As a result, Johns can produce a fascinating exploration of America and its current state. By showcasing the concerns of the country in such a unique way, he provides a thought-provoking study on American views and gives the reader an exciting story with many thrills and spills.

Pay Attention to This Series

We trust Johns to continue to explore this universe in unique ways that draw in readers and make them think. Like the best writers, he understands that action drives a story and can also create thoughtful narratives. This approach helps to give his work both weight and appeal, which is a big part of why comic books have taken over the fictional world in such a big way.

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