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RIYADH: Crowds attending a current live performance in Riyadh’s JAX District were taken on journey of seem from Africa to Arabia by Bahrain-based mostly fusion band Majaz.

The Warehouse location boomed to the chanting of the vocalists and the audience as the initial present of Majaz’s regional tour bought underway together with the Saudi band Garwasha.

With common tracks together with “Shuruppak,” “Rihla,” and “Mashujaa wa Jangwa,” Majaz lately introduced its most recent one, “Heila Hei,” which, according to the group’s publicity, addressed “modern society’s obsession with attaining joy and fulfilment, amidst the bombarding and overwhelming strain of the age of data, with playful banter.”

It pointed out that the words of the song title have been “nonsensical” and “used colloquially by more mature Bahraini generations as a way to increase morale or commitment.”

The band has formerly done in the Kingdom, which includes at Balad Beast in Jeddah. (Instagram/ majaz_songs)

Hameed Al-Saeed, the band’s guitarist, informed Arab News: “The full plan of infusing Khaleeji new music with diverse types of music, or modernizing it in distinct approaches, is nevertheless reasonably new, specifically in the location. There’s a lot of area for experimentation.”

Saudi musician Abdulla Faisal, the band’s percussionist, claimed: “Us as Khaleejis, we’re not enjoying our new music to the most that we ought to.”

When I grew up and tried using to understand a lot more about environment, jazz, and fusion music, I understood that Khaleeji music is abundant, if not richer, than all the genres.

Abdulla Faisal, Saudi percussionist, Majaz

The four-piece band is made up of Al-Saeed, Faisal, Salah Alawi on bass, Jehad Al-Halal on cello, with collaboration on vocals. Above 10 yrs of actively playing jointly, the band has aimed to inject electrical power and participation into its are living performances.

The Ware property venue in Riyadh boomed as the 1st present of Majaz’s regional tour bought underway alongside the Saudi band Garwasha. (AN pics by Abdulrahman bin Shalhoub)

As nicely as Jeddah, the present tour will check out other metropolitan areas in nations around the world which include the UAE, Egypt, and Morocco.

The band integrates progressive rock, metallic, jazz fusion, and Khaleeji folk new music.

“The older we get as a band, the a lot more related we get to our roots and the music from this region, the Khaleej, as substantially as we can. To me, that’s the most significant matter,” Faisal included.

The band has previously performed in the Kingdom, like at Balad Beast in Jeddah. (Instagram/ majaz_audio)

Al-Saeed reported: “Gradually, we became more focused and narrowed down our artistic enter into a little something extra worthwhile culturally, and to us as musicians and folks and a band, in relation to who we are and where by we arrive from.”

This amounted to their own get on Afro-Khaleeji, incorporating seems from African cultures and their very own heritage, such as regular Bahraini fjiri, jirba, and laiwa vocal repertoires.

“We are incredibly grateful for our encounter in Morocco a couple several years back again because we obtained exposed to how gnawa new music, Moroccan traditional new music, acquired contemporized or modernized.

Abdulla Faisal, Saudi percussionist, Majaz

“For us, that was intriguing. This is accurately what we need to do with our songs,” Faisal said.

The group’s music is a celebration of the connections in between Africa and Arabia, no matter whether it be via the melodies of Khaleeji tribal sounds, or the rhythmic beats of Afro songs. The two cultures interweave traditionally, inspiring the band associates to create a fusion of both of those worlds encapsulated in the genre.

The band reported it had been encouraged by northern Mali team Tinariwen, who it played alongside at a festival.

“We’re making an attempt not to restrict ourselves creatively by taking seems from a pretty precise country or lifestyle, irrespective of whether it is in Africa or Khaleej. There are a large amount of beats, rhythms, or even melodies that are shared across the overall continent of Africa, and in the same way in Khaleej,” Al-Saeed included.

Majaz reveals around the environment have integrated Dubai’s Wasla Arab Alternative Songs Festival, the Dhaka International FolkFest in Bangladesh, and a lot more lately Les Journees Musicales de Carthage in Tunisia, and MDLBeast’s SoundStorm Competition.

With a population of a lot more than 7 million, Riyadh was the prime site to both of those play and kick start the band’s tour.

Faisal mentioned: “Worldwide, Riyadh is a incredibly critical location musically, enable by itself in the MENA area. We just can’t have a conversation about audio without having talking about what’s taking place in Riyadh.”

Majaz hopes to reach Saudi Arabia’s youthful generations with its conventional regional music.

“I feel a whole lot of millennials made this distant relationship with Khaleeji music. When I grew up and attempted to find out extra about globe, jazz, and fusion new music, I recognized that Khaleeji new music is prosperous, if not richer, than all the genres,” Faisal added.

The band is at this time functioning on new sounds, material, releases, and shows.



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